Bild Buddy Michael

Michael, gay, born 1980,
HIV+ since 2010.

My HIV diagnosis hit me unexpectedly. Living in a big city as a gay man, I was familiar with the topic in theory and I even had a very close friend who had been diagnosed with HIV a few years before. But being affected by HIV myself? How would my life change? With whom could I talk about it? How would potential (sex) partners react? Whom would I tell about my status in the first place? And what was it that I had recently read about the current state of HIV therapy? Almost normal life expectancy? Daily pills? Viral load? CD4? PCR? TasP? Wft?

Many questions and few answers. But at least I knew whom I could talk to about the topic. Knowing someone who doesn’t only know the hard facts in theory but who actually went through all of this is worth a lot.

More than six years have passed since then. HIV is now a natural part of my life. My family and all of my gay friends know about my status; my partner was in from the beginning and he wasn’t worried at all but very well informed.

Since you ended up on my buddy profile, I assume your infection is relatively recent. What I can offer you is trying to sort out your questions, structure them, maybe even ask more questions and help you finding answers, developing self-assurance and self-acceptance.

I am a rather calm and even-tampered guy, analytical not only in my job and definitely more rational than emotional. Munich is my home town. I can listen, understand and put myself into another person’s position rather well. I prefer expressing myself in an upfront way rather than beating around the bush.

If you want to take your first steps in the life with HIV together with me, I am happy to hear your story.

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