The great and unique thing about the Buddy-Project is to meet other PLHIV and to encourage ourselves to live an enormously positive life.

Buddy Gerhard

It was really bad getting a positive test result and it made me feel lost. If I had had a Buddy along my side at that time, it would have been easier for me to get back on my feet much faster.

Buddy Bert

Nevertheless, living with HIV means nowadays living well and in a good way.

Buddy Steffen

I became a Buddy, because I am able to say from my own experience that it is good to speak to someone who has already mastered the dealing with the HI-virus.

Buddy Dirk

Being long term infected, I am grateful for the effective therapy, which gives me a good and normal life.

Buddy Ian

You want advice because you have been diagnosed HIV positive? You are not alone! Here you will find information and exchange of experiences at eye level from people living with HIV for people living with HIV.

Buddy Ralf

More than 40 specially-trained people are currently active in the Buddy project throughout Germany. They are from a variety of backgrounds and include all age groups. Through our search function online, you can choose a Buddy that best suits you, for example regarding sexual orientation, gender and where you live. You can also contact that person directly.


People with HIV who are committed to become a Buddy are always welcome. Those who are interested should have been living with the infection long enough to have come to terms with the diagnosis. A Buddy should also be empathetic and communicative, and also able to listen well. In preparation, all future Buddies will be specially trained at two weekend seminars.

Even if today with successful treatment an HIV infection is no longer life-threatening, a positive test result is still often experienced as a shock. This makes it all the more important to have someone to talk to who has personal experience with HIV and knows about living with it. Buddy project connects just such men and women nationwide, who are HIV-positive themselves and who stand by your side with advice and help during your first “positive” steps.